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Adoption Process

  1. Read over my site before contacting me so you know what to expect when adopting from me. Also be sure to follow the steps below as it will only delay your adoption and you may miss out on the babies you want.
  2. Contact me and ask for the adoption application and contract. I’m Do not email me one liner emails or just saying hi. 
  3. Read the contract first. Then fill out the application, if you approve of my terms. You have 24 hours to reply or you may not get the babies you want. 
  4. I will review the application and get back with you with my decision on adoption.
  5. If I approve I will put your name on the rats you want. This is when I will ask you to sign and fill out what you can on the contract and send me all 3 pages. EVEN IF YOU LEAVE THE FIRST PAGE BLANK.
  6. Then we will set up the pick up date and time.
  7.  Please be kind and be on time and no more than 5 minutes early/late. I may have other adopters or Dr.'s appointments I need to get to and I can not be waiting around.
  8. Once the babies go home, give them 48 hours to settle in before you handle them.
  9. Enjoy the babies!
  10. Send me updates on the babies. I worry about my kiddo's!
  11. Once its time to take them out pick them up and walk away from the cage. This is the start of the bonding process. Once they go back to the cage. This is the time to feed them the treats. I don't encourage feeding them through the bars or sticking your fingers through until you have bonded with your new babies. When I feed cooked mix it can get on my hands. I do let the rats lick it off so they learn to lick and not bite. But you should always wash your hands before and after handling any animal.

  12. Please be sure to provide plenty of food and water at all times.

  13. You can contact me any time you have any questions with your babies or ask on the forum. This is where you can ask among other adopters. Please be sure to keep me updated on the life and health of your rats you take home. This helps me improve where I need to. Thank you.


I am a closed rattery to prevent germs and viruses being walked into my rattery and devastating my colony. This means you cannot root through my litters to choose a baby before you purchase. All babies are chosen from the website, after I have posted pictures, and then you can come pick up the babies you have paid for when they are ready to go home. No one goes into my rattery. This is non negotiable. Picking babies from a bin is a pet shop experience that I simply cannot offer adopters. My rats lives are more important to me than you can imagine. And their safety is of utmost importance.