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Updated 10 March 2018

No more rats will be be paired till after the move. I will be in Colorado at the beginning of April 2018.

Emerald City Rattery is a very small rattery. Only breeding 6-10 litters a year with the outcrossing right now I am doing a few more litters than normal. Specializing in Russian Blue, American Blue, Black, Mink, and Agouti with various patterns at the moment but working towards White-Sided,  Variegated. Some with Down Under. I also am working on keeping Rex in my marked line and standard coats and hairless in my  White-Sided line. This is my rattery setup.

2015 I brought in new blood from Camarattery so I will be doing a couple extra breeding's to out cross my bloodlines.

2016 I brought new varieties from Canada. Silvermane, Martens, Marbles, Harleys.

2017 I just spent time outcrossing the Canadian rats that I imported.

2018 my plan is to just continue working with what I have and outcross the lines for stronger health and temperament.


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