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USED Double Critter Nation $200

I have 1 custom Martins cage for sale! I picked these cages up from Martins myself. Had they been shipped, they would have been cut in half to fit in the boxes. They also put them together for me! Saved my hands! You can not buy dirrectly from Martins anymore and that means you can not get a custom cage like this either from them.


40 X 25 X 34 Long



Here I have listed good cages for rats.

Scroll to the bottom for a description of bad cages.

REMEMBER: The cage MUST be a species appropriate cage! 

Good Cages


This cage will hold 5-8 rats

Overall dimension: 32"L x 19"W x 64”H (Including stand)

Cage only dimension: 32''L x 19''W x 37''H

Bar spacing: 1/2'' 

Non toxic elegant epoxy painting 

Large Front swing-out door with metal safety lock

Feeder cups and feeder doors, wooden perches

2 shelves and 2 ladders

Cage can be removed from the stand

Slide-out bottom tray and grate for easy cleaning

Four heavy-duty casters 

The Rat Skyscraper (R-695)

Made by

This cage will hold 4-7 rats

Cage dimension 30" x 18" x 36"

Three ramps

Two balconies

Full middle floor

Drop-in 3½" plastic pan

New larger doors

All though this picture is showing galvanized. Powder coated is always recommended to prevent rusting


The Rat Tower (R-690)

Made by

This cage will hold 3-4 rats

24" x 14" x 36"

Three ramps

Two balconies

Full middle floor

Drop in 3" plastic pan

Powder coated is best to prevent rusting


The Ruud (R-699)

Made by

This cage will hold 9-12 rats

30" x 18" x 60"

Seven levels

Six ramps

Four balconies

Two full floors

One full solid bottom floor (pan is bottom floor)

Drop-in 3½" deep black plastic pan


Critter Nation

Can house 15-21 rats

Overall:  63" x  36" x  24"

Can be bought as a single unit

Full width double doors

Swing-up locking ramp allows you to secure sections for cleaning the area, feeding and separating pets

Wide expanse shelf providing maximum play area

Full width plastic pan floor

Critter proof dual-locking door latches

Angled ramps designed for pets safety

Easily maneuverable stand with locking casters

Set includes 2 deep pans, 2 shelves and 3 ramps

Double unit

Sturdy square tube frame and wire construction

Gray finish

Critter Nation collection

1/2 Horizontal wire spacing

Can add additional cages on the top


Prevue Pet Products Rat and Chinchilla Cage 495 

31" x 20-1/2" x 40"

3/8-inch wire spacing

Solid metal ramps and platforms

Wind-bell lock



Bad Cage Description

Cages meant for other species ARE NOT appropriate for rats!

NO Ferret cages.

NO rabbit cages.

NO hamster cages.

NO guinea pig cages.

No wood cages. 

Tanks and tanks with toppers. They do not give adequate ventilation and are usually to small for adult rats.

Cages with larger than half inch bar spacing. The rats can and will get out.

Cages with all plastic shelves and bottoms with easy access to chew.

Cages to small are not good for rats. Here is a cage calculator to determine if your cage is to small.