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About Me


A little bit about me.

Welcome to our rattery here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I got my first rat when I was 11 yrs old. Then did not have any more till I was 16. Got a male and a female and learned pretty quick you should only get same sex pairs! After having several litters. I finally separated the two and ended up with 4 rats. Two males and two females. After those pets. I graduated high school and went into the Army. Spent 9 years active, inactive and reserve time. Then in 2009 I rescued a rat that was not very friendly and since then I discovered hairless and wanted one. While looking on the internet I found Camarattery and got my first hairless and many others lol.

 I have been in love with rats and learned that they can't live alone and need a healthy diet and lots of toys. I have been dedicated in making my rats as happy as I can through play, healthy diet and lots of love. 

What I Do...

In 2014 I started my own lines. I got them from a breeder in Arizona that was retiring and was ending her lines. I worked with the line for a while to learn what genetics this line carried.

Late 2015 I brought in 3 rats from Camarattey. 1 Dwarf rex male and 2 females.

In 2016 I brought in Silvermane, Marten Harley and Marble.

This year in 2017 I plan to just work with what I have and not bring any new lines in for a while. Work on these new varieties I brought in and work to improve where they need it.

At this time I am specializing in Black Whitesided, Silvermane, Marten, Harley, Rex, Hairless Variegated, Down Under and Dwarf. All though I do not adopt out dwarfs to pet homes.

My rattery prefix is RuBY.

My goals are first and most important healthy rats, then size, patterns and colors. I do this by selectively breeding, healthy diet and lots of play.

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