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In 2015 I had a litter of rats born that had what I thought were just mis-marked hooded. Amy of Camarattery and I were intrigued as to why these babies had self feet but we were not sure. So we just left them as mis-marked hooded and I adopted out several babies. I did keep one boy. I named him Mr Pants. These rats dad Rocky celebrated his second birthday on 31 January 2016. A few days later I got a message from Connie Perez. Who was super excited to tell me that I have White-Sided rats and not mis-marked hooded.

Here is the link to their litter page.

Here are some of the litter pictures I took. Sorry they are not very good as at the time I was thinking they were just mis-marked hooded. Only the boys were the White-Sided.

Lela's baby page (mom to the current litter bred to Mr Pants)




Mr Pants pictures taken 25 February 2016