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Seoul Virus Outbreak in the USA

In January 2017 there was an outbreak of the Seoul Virus in the rat community and most breeders went into quarantine as we waited to hear more on the virus. To date (3/31/2017) the Seoul Virus has reached 15 states and the investigation is still ongoing.

October of 2016 I imported rats from Canada from 3 different breeders. As of today their rats are all negative and I have lifted my quarantine for adopting babies. But I am following the CDC's advice on weaning babies at 3 weeks and moving them to a separate air space. Because if by chance I have a positive mom, she would give the babies antibodies that last until 8-12wks. I have adopted out rats between October 2016 to January 2017. To date none of my adopters have it.


Here are several links to explain the Seoul Virus.


1 February 2017 Conference call I was apart of:


Links to the CDC website: