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Emerald City Rattery (RuBY)

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Russian Blue Whitesided Down UnderLine

 I have had this line since 2016. It is in need of an outcross. I brought in some rats from Cama for the outcross in 2020. These girls are sweet and full of energy.


Cama Viviana

Russian Blue Irish Whiteside Dumbo


Cama Annika

Black Irish Whiteside Down Under Dumbo

Cama Maeve

Harlan Dark Agouti Irish Whiteside Down Under Dumbo

Recessive Blaze Line

 This line is from Camarattery. I have had it since 2019. They are so sweet and mellow.


RuBY Tess

Black Recessive Blaze Dumbo



Hooded Dwarf

I have had this line since I started breeding in 2014. These rats are so sweet! Even the girls.


RuBY Alula

Black Whiteside Rex Dumbo Dwarf


RuBY Cordelia

Black Irish Whiteside Dumbo Dwarf


RuBY Alya

Black Variberk Whiteside Dumbo w/Headspot

RuBY Stella

Russian Blue Irish Rex Dumbo

Harlan Dark Agouti Fawn Harley/Angora Line

 This line is my Harley/ line from Georgian Bay in Canada. It was shipped in 2016. The fawn side came from Camarattery. This line is so sweet and loves people! The angora popped up in this line and I have been breeding them to standard hair to help improve them.

RuBY Gommosa

Black Silvermane Harley/Angora Berkshire Dumbo

Cama Selma

Harlan Dark Agouti Fawn Self Dumbo


AVariegated Velveteen Line (Named after cars)

 This line is from Runamuk and Igisum Rattery. They are more hyper and on the go. I have not had this line long enough to call it "RuBY bloodlines".


RuBY Zephyr

Black Variegated Silvermane Dumbo


Marble Line


Martin Line

 This line is half RuBY and half Camarattery. I outcrossed the line in late 2019 to bring in new blood and the UK Rex. Very sweet and mellow temperaments.


RuBY Shae

Albino UK Rex Dumbo

Black Self Line

This line is RuBY's Whiteside line, Camaratterys black line and I just outcrossed them again to a Long Evans line. They are full of energy. These girls need a wheel.

RuBY Hazel

Black English Irish

RuBY Laurel

Black Irish