Colorado Rat Breeder

Emerald City Rattery (RuBY)

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Silvermane Whitesided Line


RuBY's Elara

Black Irish Silvermane Whitesided Dumbo


Hairless/ Dwarf Line

RuBY's Maple Donut

Black Irish Hairless Dumbo Dwarf

RuBY's Prime Ribblet

Black Irish Whitesided Hairless Dumbo Dwarf (Possibly Silvermane as her mom is)


RuBY's Blueberry Jelly bean

American Blue Whitesided Hairless Dumbo Dwarf


Recessive Blaze/ Dwarf Line




RuBY's Cressida

Black Variberk Whitesided Rex Dumbo



Hooded Dwarf


RuBY's Ophelia

Black Hooded (Whitesided?) Dumbo Dwarf

Very sweet.

RuBY's Moon

Black Irish Dumbo Dwarf



Variegated Line


RuBY's Juno

Black Varigated Dumbo

May or may not carry dwarf. Very Sweet girl.


Marble Line



Cama Paris RuBY

Black Marble Whitesided Dumbo



Martin Line


RuBY's Ygritte

Black Irish Whitesided Dumbo

Caries Marten


Harley Line

RuBY's Sister Christan

Black Irish Whitesided Dumbo

Carries Harley maybe Mink

Super sweet little girl.

RuBY's Sanza

Russian Blue Marble Harley Variegated Dumbo

The Harleys popped up in my Marble line. They will be evaluated before deciding on weather to keep them in the Harley line or not.

RuBY's Little Suzi

Black Self Dumbo

Outcross carries Harley

RuBY's Arya

Russian Blue Marble Harley Variegated Dumbo

 Very sweet.