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Whitesided Line


RuBY's Marshal

Russian Blue Whitesided Down Under Dumbo

RuBY's Scout

Black Silvermane Irish Whitesided Down Under Dumbo

RuBY's Recruit

Black Irish Whitesided Dumbo Dwarf


Cama Dory RuBY

Harlan Dark Agouti Self Dumbo

Carries Whitesided and Hairless

Hairless/ Dwarf Line

RuBY's Maple Donut

Black Irish Hairless Dumbo Dwarf

RuBY's Pig In A Blanket

American Blue Berkshire Dumbo



Recessive Blaze/ Dwarf Line

RuBY's Jade

Black Berkshire Dumbo

(Carries Recessive Blaze)

RuBY's Calypso

American Blue Berkshire Rex Lightning Blaze Dumbo

RuBY's Cressida

Black Variberk Whitesided Rex Dumbo

RuBY's Doot

Black Patched Dumbo Dwarf

Variegated Down Under Line


RuBY's Bajor

Russian Blue Agouti Varicapped Down Under Dumbo


Marble Line


RuBY's Daenerys

Black Marble Variberk w/Head spot


Martin Line

RuBY's Irish Sea

Black Irish Dumbo

(Carries Russian Blue, Whitesided and Marten. I paired her with a Marten and got Mink? He is a very rich brown. I will grow him up some more to see for sure. Irish Sea also had another son I think might be Blue-Beige? Holding him back to watch him grow more also. I have plans to re breed her but to her Marten son. I don't know yet what my plans with the above boys are yet.)


Angora Line


RuBY's Cindarella

Dark Russian Blue Self Angora Dumbo

RuBY's Britny Fox

Russian Blue Berkshire Angora w/Head Spot Dumbo


Harley Line

RuBY's Twisted Sister

Black Irish Harley Dumbo

RuBY's Tesla

Russian Blue Self Harley Dumbo