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About My Bloodlines

I will update this page as I progress my bloodlines.


My whiteside line I have had the longest. The first litter that had whiteside was rats from Jewell when she lived in Arizona in 2014. But it has been out crossed many times. I have out crossed it with rats from Georgian Bay Rattery (Canada in 2016), Pixies Pocket Pets (Canada in 2016 Retired) and Exotic Whiskers (Canada in 2016) and Camarattery (Colorado) I have bred Russian Blue and Dwarf into my Whitesides. The current litter is 13 Generations RuBY.

These rats are very mellow and sweet. This line is very kissy

Harley/ Angora

My Harley/ Angoras came from Georgian Bay Ratterys lines. I have out crossed them many times also with my Silvermane Whitesides but then I out crossed again to fawns which I got from Camarattery she got them from Raining Rats Rattery in 2017. The line comes from MGCK. In 2022 I just did another out cross with Cama Cliff Booth.

These rats temperaments are very funny, playful and loves to be with people.