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Emerald City Rattery (RuBY)

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Babies go home in pairs only. Since I do not allow my rats to be housed alone during quarantine either. 

$45 each

Unique Varieties
Blazed $50
Rex $50
Russian Blue $50
Harlan Dark Agouti Based Color $50
Dalmatians $50
American Blue $50
Russian Blue $50
Dalmatian $50
Dove $50
Chocolate $50
American Blue $50
Whiteside $50
Marten $50
Marble $50
Angora $90
Silvermane are $50
Hairless $60 ( I only breed hairless once maybe twice a year! You must get on the wait list!)
Harley $75
Hairless Blazed $75
Dwarf $70 (Rarely available.)
Dwarf Hairless $160 (Rarely available)
Adults $15
Hairless adults $25
Adults are free to past adopters and those who adopt 2 babies at the same time.
Prices may change at any time.
When payment is received We can schedule an appointment at that time.
Bring your own carrier!
(NO DOG OR CAT CARRIERS! The rats will get out!)



Complete mix. You do not need to add dog food to this mix because it is already in there. This mix also includes yellow peas and Safflower seeds. These are just extra goodies added.

2 pounds $8

4 pounds $16

6 pounds $24

8 pounds $32

10 pounds $39



Take home carrier if you would rather purchase one. I need at least 3 days notices!


11 inch Wheel

11 inch wheel for your rats. Colors vary.


Lava Ledge

Only blue and purple available


Hiding House

Hiding house. These can be flipped upside down and sat on the bottom of the cage or zip tied higher up. They have pre-cut holes for the zip ties.

$6 each

Payment Info

I take PayPal normally. I will put your name on the babies as soon as a payment is made. Contact me for my PayPal address as I don't post it on my site to prevent unauthorized payments from people that do not have adoption approval. (Believe me people try) After I send you my PayPal address. You have 24 hours to make the payment or the babies will be available again.

If the babies are going home the next day however, I can take cash on pick up. I do not take checks or any other form of payment.

I do not do down payments, rats don't cost very much.

All payments are made in full. I do not refund money if you change your mind after paying for a rat. All rats must be picked up the week they are ready, I do not board rats and hold them till later. If you do not pick them up within one week of their ready date I will consider that abandonment and I will put the rat back up for adoption. You will not be refunded and I will do no further business with you. If this has happened, time has passed and the rats are older and could have gone home to someone else. I will have to lower their price because they are older.

I do not do pre-payments before rats are born or before they are posted for adoption.

PayPal does charge me on every transaction, so please add the appropriate fee's. Here is a link to figure out your total

Shipping and Pick Up

I do not ship at this time.


Since I run a closed rattery no one is allowed in my home. I will make arrangements with adopter on when and where to pick up babies. This is for the safety of my pets and myself.