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Babies go home in pairs only. I do not allow my rats to be housed alone during quarantine either. 


Babies $85 EACH 


(difficult to breed for):
Silvermane: $100 each
Odd Eye: $120

Chocolate : $100 each
Hairless: $120 each
Recessive Blazed: $100 each
Harley:  $100 each
Dwarf: $120 each
Angora: $120 each very rare
Patchwork/Rorschach: $150 Extremely difficult to breed.

Adult prices vary based on babies price. Each rat will be marked.
Adults are free to past adopters and those who adopt 2 babies at the same time.
Prices may change at any time.
Bring your own carrier!
(NO DOG OR CAT CARRIERS! The rats will get out!)



Currently I am having trouble getting some ingredents like barley and peanuts. You can add them yourself or add in your own food for easy transition to the new food.

My current mix incldes Kalmbach Bocks, Oxbow Regal Rat, Barley, Sunflower seed, Oats, Calf-mana, safflower seeds and dog food.

My guarantee is only valid if you purchase food from me at the same time. 



Fill the dish and let them eat when they want/need.

4lbs $20

Cooked Mix

Not offering it at this time.

The cooked mix is all organic grains and herbs. Should be fed a 2-3 x a week.


Mix with 3x water and slow cook until absorbed. Left overs can be frozen in ice cube trays for later use.


Feed fresh vegetables 2-3x a week and fruits 2 x a week also.


Take home carrier if you would rather purchase one. I need at least 3 days notices!


Payment Info

Cash only.

All payments are made in full. I do not refund money if you change your mind after paying for a rat. All rats must be picked up the week they are ready, I do not board rats and hold them till later. If you do not pick them up within one week of their ready date I will consider that abandonment and I will put the rat back up for adoption. You will not be refunded and I will do no further business with you.

I do not do pre-payments before rats are born or before they are posted for adoption.

Shipping and Pick Up

I do not ship.


Since I run a closed rattery no one is allowed in my home. I will make arrangements with adopter on when and where to pick up babies. This is for the safety of my pets and myself.