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My Veterinarian

The Village Animal Clinic

Once a year I take my rats to the vet to get them all checked out. I use The Village Animal Clinic. They love it when I bring my whole colony in for their annual exams. I strongly recommend them for your ratties!

Here is the link to their website.

The Colorado Rat Forum on Facebook

Please join the Colorado Rat Community! I am an admin on this group and I prefer if all my adopters join so that I can get constant updates on my babies. Also you can get answers to your rat questions.

The Colorado Rat List

Camarattery - Breeder in Denver

Camarattery is who has mentored me since 2009. So I would reccomend adopting from her.

Raining Rats Rattery - Breeder in Arizona

Raining Rats Rattery has been a big part of my mentoring process as well. She really helped me out a lot when I was living in Arizona.



Andrea's Handmade Small Pets Supplies

I have been ordering from Andrea for about 3 years now. My rats love her hammocks and I love the quality!

Click on the image to take you to her Facebook page.

Rattie & Matties Rattery- Bullhead City, Arizona

I would consider Amanda as apart of my mentorship as well as the other breeders. I have gone to her for many rat related questions. I have known her for over 3 year.