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Emerald City Rattery (RuBY)

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I have 2 of these cages currently available. They are BRAND NEW STILL IN THE BOXES! They are called 2 level Mansions. Will be great for a pair of rats maybe 3 if the space is used wisely. they are $180 Each





I had purchased these cages in 2017. They are custom powder coated Martins cages. Very solid. They were put together by Martins because if it was shipped it would have to be cut in half and to me that would have made it weaker. I drove to Martins Cages and picked them up myself.


I still have these cages but they are not available at the moment. Since moving and waiting for our house to be built everything is in storage. As soon as I can get them out I will make them available again.


Each cage is 40 High x 34 Long x 25 Deep. $250 each or $450 for both.