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2018 Breeding Plans

Babies get sexed at 4wks old then I will take pictures and post them in the nursery.


I will only breed a couple of litters at a time. No other litters will be bred until the others go home. This is to ensure I do not end up with to many rats. Some pairs may be pushed back depending on how fast babies get adopted.




Breeding Plans

RuBY's Chicken N Waffles

Black Irish Hairless (Rex?) Whitesided Dumbo Dwarf

Cama Dory RuBY

Dark Agouti Self Dumbo

Carries Whitesided and Dwarf

Paired 14 July 2018

 Dwarf Hairless and Whitesided are expected.




Black Self Dumbo

RuBY's Tesla

Russian Blue Harley Self Dumbo

Paired 15 July 2018




RuBY's Nader

Black Berkshire

Carries Dumbo, Whitesided and Dwarf

RuBY's sister

Black Berkshire

Carries Dumbo, Whitesided and Dwarf

Born 6 July 2018

These babies will have their temperments evaluated before being available to adopters.

RuBY's Jon Snow

Black Irsh Marten Whitesided Dumbo

RuBY's Irish Sea

Black Irish Dumbo

Carries Marten and Whitesided

Born 10 July 2018

Only 3 babies born all boys. Unsure if I will be keeping any of them. Black Whitesided, Marten Whitesided and a RE Hairless.. (Surprise Hairless)



Black Self

Carries RB and Whitesided

RuBY's Marshal

Russian Blue Irish Whitesided Down Under Dumbo


Paired 10 July 2018

Outcrossing my Whitesided line


Paired 16 July 2018

Expecting some dwarf some Dumbo ears