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2018 Litter Plans


I bred some rats first of December. Those babies will be going home this month.

No breedings will be done.


February or Later


RuBY's Trooper X RuBY's Marshal

Expecting Russian Blue and Agouti Whitesided Down Under Dumbos


Cama Sirius X RuBY's Scout

Expecting Silvermane in Black and Agouti Irish. His sister carries Whitesided. If he does then there should be Whitesided.


RuBY's Chakotay X RuBY's Bajor

Expecting Black, Russian Blue and Agouti. Varicapped Down Under Dumbo.


Cama Nash X RuBY's Kimara

Outcrossing my Variegated line. This pair may change. She is sister to Bajor.


RuBY's Daenerys X RuBY's Tarly

Expecting Marble, maybe Harley, Black, Blue, and Blaze.


RuBY's Tyrion X RuBY's Arya

Expecting Black, maybe Russian Blue, Siamese and Himalayan. Patterns expecting is Berkshire, Irish and Self, with Whitesided.


RuBY's Skid Row X RuBY's Twisted Sister

Expecting Black and Russian Blue. All should be Harley.


RuBY's Tuna Casserole X RuBY's Pig In A Blanket

Expecting American Blue and Black, Hairless and standard coats.