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Emerald City Rattery (RuBY)

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2018 Litter Plans


October or later

Cama Teddy X RuBY's Cressida

Still hasn't taken. Will probably pair her to Blackie

Cama Teddy X Cama Paris

Still no babies. Will try outcrossing to Blackie



Atlas X Juno

Variegated maybe some dwarf. She is showing as of 11/13


Dreams In The Dark X Sister Christan

Sweet tempered Dumbo eared Whitesided Harley

Babies born 12 November 2018


Super Nova X Elara

Dumbo Eared Silvermane Whitesided Down Under

Babies born 11 November 2018


Cama Blackie X RuBY's City Kitten

Starting my Black Self line with these 2.

Babies born 12 November 2018


Bon Jovi X Recruit

Harley Dwarf Carriers

2 babies born 9 November 2018

They will both be staying here.